Grade 1: Our amazing body, Me and my family, Food for life, Home sweet home, Clothes we wear, Air around us, Water, Plants, Animal World, Neighbourhood, Festivals and celebrations, Heavenly bodies, Means of transport.

Grade 2: Our amazing body, Growing with time, Healthy food, Plant life, Animal life, Air, Water, Prayers and worship, Safety and first aid, Solar system, Houses and clothing, Neighbourhood and our helpers.

Grade 3 : Feeding habits of animals, Safety comes first, My sweet home, Soil, Living and non-living things, Animals and plants, Parts of a plant, Birds, Human body a wonderful machine, Measurement, Light ,sound and forces, Our earth, A trip to space, Water and weather.

Grade 4 : Food, Digestion, Teeth and microbes, Matter, Our Clothes, Adaptation in plants, How plants make food, Adaptation in animals, Reproduction in animals, (Force, work and Energy), Our universe, Air water and weather, Our environment

Grade 5 : Food and Health, Rocks and minerals, Soil erosion and conservation, Living things, plant life, Animal life, Bones and muscles, Nervous system, Simple machines, The moon, Air water and weather, Interdependence in nature, The environment, Natural calamities.

Grade 6 :Science in everyday life, Sources of food, Components of food, Separation of substances, Getting to know plants, Sorting of materials, Changes around us, Fibre to fabric, Water, Movement in animals, Living and non-living things, Habitat of organisms, Measurement and motion, Light, Magnets, Electricity, Air around as, Managing waste.

Grade 7 :Nutrition in plants, Nutrition in animals, Materials of daily use, Heat, Different kinds of materials, How things react with one another, Weather, climate and adaptations of animals, Soil, Respiration in organisms, Transportation of materials, Reproduction in plants, Motion and time, Electric current and its effect, Light, Winds, storms and cyclones, Scarcity of water, Forests, Waste management.

Grade 8 : Crop production, Microorganisms, Synthetic fibres and plastics, Metals and non-metals, Combustion and flame, Conservation of biodiversity, The Cell, Reproduction and adolescence, Force and pressure, Friction, Sound, Chemical effects of current, Some natural phenomena, Light,
The night sky, Coal and petroleum, Pollution of air and water.

Grade 9 :Matter in our surroundings, Atoms and molecules, Structure of atom, The fundamental unit of life, Tissues, Diversity in living organisms, Motion, Force and laws of motion, Gravitation, Work and energy, Sound, Why do we fall ill, Natural resources, Improvement in food resources.

Grade10 :Chemical reactions and equations, Acids, bases and salts, Metals and non- metals, Carbon and its compound, Periodic classification of elements, Life process, Control and coordination, How do organisms reproduce, Heredity and evolution, Light-reflection and refraction, Electricity, Magnetic effect of electric current, Sources of energy, Our environment, Management of natural resources.