“Leaders are the role models who inspire their   followers and motivate them to reach the target of success”.

 Investiture ceremony was held   on 26-06-28(Tuesday) at  Vagdevi  Vilas School , Marathahalli.

The council members were elected by the students in a fair and democratic manner.

 It was a proud moment when  Chairman Shri  .K. Harish pinned the badges to the elected school pupil leaders ,sports leaders , the leaders of  Agni , Vayu , Akash ,  Bhoomi  houses including  the band leaders  for the academic year 2018-19. The elected members pledged   that they will uphold the values of the school.  The leaders   were appreciated for  the  confidence  and  clarity with which they addressed the audience. The cultural events put up by the students boosted the vitality of the leaders.

 An exemplifying person himself, our Chairman ,Shri .K. Harish in his message conveyed that every child is born a leader. He urged the leaders to take responsibilities   on their own and not to wait for responsibilities to be given to them. He attributed this quality to good leader