Vagdevi Vilas School,

Marathahalli, Bangalore – 560 037

19 September, 2018

 Vagdevi Vilas School observed Swachhata Pakhwada from 1-9-2018 to 15-09-2018. Various activites such as  Swachhata Awareness, Green School Drive, Swachhata Participation, Hand Wash, Personal Hygiene, Community Participation, Swachhata School Exhibition, Swachh Water Day, Water Harvesting and Letter Writing were conducted. A number of competitions such as  essay writing, poetry writing, letter writing, slogan writing, drawing and painting was held. The events culminated with a special assembly which included releasing of a Sovenir on Swachhata Pakhwada and  Prize Distribution  to the winners of various  competitions. Swachhata Pakhwada celebrations which  lasted for a fortnight ensured  that the impact it created will remain in the minds of the young generation and enhanced the urge to maintain a healthy, Swachh, green environment.

Lets all join our hands to keep our country clean and green. 

“Sujalāṃ suphalāṃ, malayajaśītalām, śasya śyāmalāṃ, mātaram, vande mātaram !”