Swimming pool

Experts say that a healthy body will contain a healthy mind. Swimming can be called as the mother of all activities and games, as swimming is the only exercise, which gives total impact on all the muscle groups in our body. Vagdevi Vilas institution has an international standard swimming pool, which possesses a length of 25 meters and width of 11.5 meters. The depth of the pool is 3.5 feet at the shallow end and 6.5 feet at the deeper end.


CBSE south zone swimming competition was held in the academic year 2010-2011,where, more than 100  schools participated. The pre-primary children can access the circular baby pool, which is built with all care for their safety, which has a depth of 1.5 feet.Security is monitored by a life-guard at all the time. Swimming coaching classes are conducted by experienced coaches at Marathahalli campus. Classes will be conducted in both morning and evening batches.