Sangeetha Kala Mandira

Marathahalli  |  Varthur

Our students excel not only in academics, but in co – curricular activities also. We conduct classes in Classical Dance, Folk Dance, Carnatic and Hindustani Vocal, Violin, Keyboard, Veena, Tabla, Mrudangam, Drawing and Painting, Art and Craft, Yoga, Samskruta Sambhashana, Veda chanting, Bhagawadgeetha and Shloka chanting, Nityapooja Vidhana, Vedic Mathematics and so on. In-house and visiting resource persons conduct the classes between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

Here  we train children with  a broader outlook  . All the  elements  that  are essential  for   an   artist  is  incorporated and  children  participate  in various  competitions  and  come  out successful  with  flying colours. We believe  that it  is important to  look  beyond academics  for the overall development  of a child.

Snacks are provided at the end of the class and children can avail the evening transport facility at 5.00pm. Special performances by Vagdevi Kalamandira are arranged on various occasions to boost their competence.