This majestic and sprawling campus of  VVS Marathahalli has all the modern amenities including a swimming pool, Science Tech Park, Mineral House, a Farm House which boasts of a variety  of Flora and Fauna and an area ear marked exclusively for indoor and outdoor games to name a few.

Butterfly Park
The School premises has an experimental open air butterfly park developed by planting host and nectar plants preserving a beautiful environment that covers the life cycle of a butterfly.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rain water harvesting is practiced in full force at Vagdevi Vilas Institutions with several percolating and harvesting wells in each premises. There is a rainwater re-usage facility also by harnessing the terrace water through proper pipelines and filters which is stored in an underground RCC tank of 2,00,000 litre capacity which is used for gardening and sanitary maintenance.

Vagdevi Science Tech Park
Science is an everyday affair for our students at Vagdevi Science Tech Park, where students 'do Science' and 'learn by doing '.  A range of open air play models which cover many topics in science including mechanics, sound, light, simple harmonics is installed.  Some of the models are Newton's Colour Disc, The Sun Dial, Pull Yourself Up and Transverse Waves.  There is an exclusive Khanija Bhavana that showcases an array of minerals in their original extracted form set up with the help of Mines and Geology Department, Govt. of India.